An Alternative Birth

When it comes time to bring their baby into the world, many choose alternative birth methods.
My goal is to provide you with the birth you want. Santa Cruz Midwife offers complete midwifery care tailored to meet the needs of you and your family. I strive to empower each woman to make informed and educated decisions throughout their pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Why chose a homebirth?

    •    The ability to choose who will deliver your baby

    •    Freedom to eat, drink, and move around during labor, and birth in a position of your choosing 

    •    Option to use alternatives such as herbs and acupuncture

    •    Option to have a waterbirth

    •    There is no separation, mother and child are together from the moment the baby emerges

    •    Siblings are included in the birth process, promoting better bonding

    •    Enjoy labor and giving birth in the comfort and privacy of your own home

    •    Give birth without exposure to hospital germs and unwanted protocols

    •    Much higher rate of vaginal birth. Did you know that nearly 1 in 3 hospital births end in c-sections?

Woman of the Earth, reclaim your birth!!!

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